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It even seemed as if their off-screen romance was a driving force behind their on-screen love affair. In 2013, the co-stars-turned-couple called it quits, leaving Vampire Diaries fans stunned. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s The Vampire Diaries characters Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert started dating each other in season 4 after she broke up with Damon’s younger brother Stefan Salvatore .

The reality star and the Los Angeles-based attorney — the son of the president’s sister Valerie Owens — split after tying the knot just two months earlier in October 2021. If Jackson had ever ended up in the role, it likely would’ve remained a one-season arc, as originally intended before Joseph proved too irresistible to kill off. “We ended up getting to a good place and it was fine, but of everyone, I think I probably see him the most and hang out with him the most ,” she said. “We’re probably the closest, like, we hang out a lot and we’re really good friends and I love his wife. It’s so funny how much has changed.” Much like onscreen, love was blossoming on the set throughout its eight-season run. Ian later revealed on Watch What Happens Live that another actor attempted to sabotage him during the audition process.

Although White was committed to exploring Dobrev’s past filmography, he admitted that he had no idea about the spinoffs that came from the sci-fi series, including the Originals and Legacies. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, who portrayed Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore, respectively, sparked a romance in 2010 and continued to date for three years. One year after their split, Somerhalder moved on with Nikki Reed, but there were no hard feelings between the exes. We believe that every person’s story is important as it provides our community with an opportunity to feel a sense of belonging, share their hopes and dreams.

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The second time Zach laid his eyes on a colleague, it happened to be Nathalie Kelley, who you might remember from her small role as Sybil. Several years later, Joe proposed to his beloved and she gladly agreed. Their wedding ceremony looked magical and many of Candice’s co-stars were invited — but not all of them. Zach Roerig, for reasons unknown, did not make the guest list.

Accola reprised her role as Caroline Forbes — cheerleading captain turned vampire — in TVD’s spinoff, The Originals, as a recurring character in 2018. She then appeared in Splitting the Bill and After We Collided. The actress launched the “Directionally Challenged” podcast with former Vampire Diaries costar Kayla Ewell in 2018.

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We’ve switched from white to red wine with more conflicted feelings . Ordinarily, we’d suggest that if Chelsea’s saying something, it would be wise to tune it out. But she’s been on such a good path lately that when she shares words of wisdom with Billy, maybe he should actually listen.

As much as some fans might want these two to become a couple, it doesn’t look like it’ll happen anytime soon. Over the years, Supernatural has built up a pretty dedicated group of superfans — as is the case with a lot of cult TV shows. During her nine years starring in The CW’s hit drama series One Tree Hill, Sophia Bush dated a fair few of her male co-stars. Online notes, Bush dated Nathan Scott actor James Lafferty from 2008 to 2009. She also had an on-and-off fling with Austin Nichols for six years between 2006 and 2012. However, the first One Tree Hill co-star that Bush became involved with was Chad Michael Murray.

Stefan does everything he can to push Elena away, but by doing so he’s trying to protect her. Klaus makes Stefan turn off his humanity, as even under compulsion he refused to hurt Elena. At first, they refuse to let anyone stop them from being together, but Katherine is willing to do whatever it takes.

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Candice King took the role of Caroline Forbes on the series. The actress dated the person who her character had a complicated relationship with — Zach Roerig, who plays the role of Matt Donovan. While Morgan’s former co-stars have had a bit of bad luck dating their co-workers, the actor and his beau are still holding on. “You know, I’m very happy, it’s great,” Morgan told the Huffington Post of Persia White in late September. “I’m lucky enough, she came with me to New York to enjoy a little but of the city. I get the weekend off so we get to experience a little of that.

Are you shocked by any of these “Vampire Diaries” on-set romances? Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder’s once on-and-off screen romance was highly publicized , but what most don’t realize is that they weren’t the only “Vampire Diaries” actors to hook up off-screen. The stars of “The Vampire Diaries” have found love on screen, as well as off-screen.

Malarkey has released two studio albums, including 2020’s Graveracer and three EPs. He and his wife, Nadine Lewington, tied the knot in 2009 and have since welcomed two children. The costars, who dated in real life from September 2011 to May 2013 have quietly given their relationship another go, CelebDirtyLaundry reports. Elena’s age is an important factor in her relationships with the other characters. When she meets the vampire Stefan Salvatore, who is over 100 years old, the age difference between them is a significant obstacle in their relationship.

Throughout his career, the actor has taken part in charity work including volunteering with Smile Train, TECHO, Thirst Project and Echoes of Hope. In May 2021, Somerhalder revealed how grateful he is to his wife because she “devoted her life” to getting him out of eight-figure debt after a bad business venture. “This woman here decided that she didn’t want to see her husband ruin his body/mind/spirit,” the “Lost” actor wrote onInstagram.