Miss Abigail’s Guide To Dating, Mating, & Marriage By Sarah Saltzberg, Ken Davenport, Paperback

This week, comic creators Rob Williams and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell join us to discuss their new contributions to The Mignolaverse, The Sword of Hyperborea and Falconspeare. They’re both incredible comics, totally different from each other, but they absolutely belong together within Mike Mignola’s apocalyptic landscape. This week, Garth Ennis joins us to discuss his upcoming Battle Action Special as well as his Hawk the Slayer sequel (wait, what? Yes!) from 2000 AD. Multiple human species existed alongside each other. We live and breathe as a result of their struggle and collaboration. For many years, Jeff Smith percolated on this unique moment in time, and Tuki is the result.

Tune in as we root for our favorite Gotham girl gang, digging into the early days of Harley Quinn’s solo career. We travel back into the Bronze Age to explore the early flirtations between Batman’s most magnificent sidekicks. Were Dick Grayson & Barbara Gordon destined to end up together?

Brad & Lisa are launching the new year with a 4-week long discussion on everyone’s favorite sci-fi Romeo & Juliette. Well, in the pivotal third volume of “Saga” from Image Comics, Marko & Alana flee to Quietus in an effort to encounter the brilliant mind that birthed the novel that originally bonded their hearts. Oswald Heist is everything and nothing like his dust jacket promised. This brief and bizarre relationship will not only steer their lives, but that of their daughter, their stowaway companions, and their nefarious pursuers.

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Invincible recently published an anniversary facsimile edition, a stripped-down black and white number one, and a new deluxe edition compendium. Podcast logo by Aaron Prescott @acoolhandfluke, podcast banner art by @Karen_XmenFan. This is a free app that doesn’t have any limitations in terms of what you can access. It is specifically designed for gay men and transgender people. It is one of the most diverse dating apps for Gay men, Transsexuals, Transgenders, etc. it is available on the app store. While the nomenclature may be a trans dated, My Transexual Date real a classic apps dating website aimed at dating who want to date men.

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TKO Studios is the Criterion Collection of comic books. Every release is a blind-buy, and we try not to miss a one. As such, it’s an incredible delight to have Editor-In-Chief Sebastian Girner and writer/artist Juni Ba on the show this week. Finally, follow the podcast on Facebook, on Instagram, and Twitter @CBCCPodcast, and you can follow hosts Brad Gullickson @MouthDork & Lisa Gullickson @sidewalksiren.

The Dick Grayson & Barbara Gordon will-they/won’t-they relationship ends here, and it only took another DC Crisis, sorry, we meant Convergence to make it happen. This week concludes our series on Dick & Babs by tackling the two-issue “Birds of Rage” mini-series written by Gail Simone. These conversations were a typical whirlwind of emotions, but we can happily report that we’re leaving them as passionate fans of Dick & Babs romance. Awesome Con refuses to let lockdown get in the way of community. The romantic saga of Norrin & Dawn is one with deep roots to our hearts, and we’ve avoided covering them in the past for fear of not living up to their beautiful story. It’s time to break down one of the most passionate comic storylines ever committed.

We dive systematically into the heyday of the 90s comic scene by hopping around a seemingly random batch of adjectiveless X-Men comics. Their new graphic novel, “Bites of Terror,” hits bookstores today, and we believe you will want to devour this comic asap. Not for nothing, but both Brad and Lisa appear in some form within its ghoulish contents. Be sure to follow the podcast on Instagram and Twitter @CBCCPodcast, and you can follow the hosts @MouthDork & @sidewalksiren. While you’re feeling social, you can find Steve on Twitter @SRBissette, and you can pre-order his Brook book from PS Publishing. We’re also thrilled to have Liz Reed of Cuddles & Rage return to the podcast to aid in the discussion.

To aid in our conversation surrounding Bruce & Selina, Brad & Lisa are using the bestselling relationship book “He’s Just Not That Into You” by Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo. After several months https://loveconnectionreviews.com/ of questionable guides, we may have found a few tolerable gurus to lead us through the dark alleys of Gotham City. Arguments will happen, so it’s best to come to each conflict with empathy.

Make sure you stick to the end for that giddy bit of FMK. Done in collaboration with the artist Mauricet, G.I.L.T. challenges societal notions of shame, guilt, and happily ever after. Kwitney tells us how her heroines, Hildy and Trista, allowed her to look backward and inward. The sci-fi engine operates as a cathartic excavation, offering relief to her and a willing reader. If you missed last week’s selection of great books, click HERE to catch up. With those goodies firmly locked in your brain, let’s move to the biggest categories featuring the year’s biggest winners.

According to the report, up to 422,000 students from California will be victims of sexual violence in the future. Addressing “a flood of abuse claims” five dioceses (Tucson, Arizona; Spokane, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Davenport, Iowa, and San Diego) got bankruptcy protection. Eight Catholic diocese have declared bankruptcy due to sex abuse cases from 2004 to 2011. The UN report prompted discussions of specific areas of controversy, including a veil of secrecy among bishops and Vatican statements denying canonical legal responsibility.

Skottie Young joins us for a deep dive discussion about his creative process, his obsession with relationship stories, and what we can expect when I Hate Fairyland returns in July. Right now, we’re witnessing a significant moment in his creative evolution. With books like Strange Academy and The Me You Love in the Dark, Skottie plunges into himself and pulls out relatable turmoil for all of us to consume. The comic is written by Chris Samnee and Laura Samnee, featuring art by Chris Samnee, colors by Matthew Wilson, and letters by Crank! We do not give away too many spoilers beyond the premise, so venture within safely if you’re new to this world.